Energy consultants and qualified electrical contractors benefit from bespoke Energy Management and Monitoring Software for their clients and earn a monthly annuity income while adding value to their client portfolio – and it costs Partners nothing!

Terra Firma Solutions has developed a Partner Program to offer the broader South African energy efficiency and electrical contractor market its Energy Management and Monitoring Software solution, COPPER.

COPPER is a cloud-based energy management software solution that assists consultants and clients alike to understand their energy consumption, tariffs and billing, energy waste and consumption behaviour.

Terra Firma Solutions has been inundated with requests to implement their solution in particular commercial properties and the manufacturing sector. Ed Gluckman, MD of Terra Firma Solutions adds, “After having installed COPPER for our clients, we quickly realised that the demand has shifted from purely billing reconciliation and utility management, to actively managing utilities as a rapidly increasing operational expense.”

He continues,” We also realised that we would never be able to meet this growing demand nationally as an organisation on our own, so have decided to look for qualified – and quality – partners to help us to install the solution throughout South Africa.”

The Partner Program has four different Partner levels: Sales, Design, Installation and Consulting Partner with varying levels of participation. The primary benefit to the partners is to have access to an Energy Monitoring tool that they can use to add value to their clients by being able to actively monitor and analyse their clients’ sites, while earning a monthly annuity from the licensing fees that the client pays for the solution. Partners pay nothing to participate in the Program, however have to go through a vetting process to become a Partner.

Depending on the number of physical meters installed and the Partner’s level, a monthly payment is made to the Partner for as long as the contract is in place. Standard contracts are 36 months in length.

“We have decided to limit the number of partners initially to ensure we can meet the customer service and support for our Partners required to ensure a quality installation and service.  At the end of the day, the end client is only really interested in saving money, so we need to ensure that we partner with others that can appreciate the business value of COPPER and ensure a cost effective, and quality installation.” says Gary Arenson, the Business Development Director of Terra Firma Solutions who is managing the COPPER Program Partners.

One of the core values at Terra Firma Solutions is “Win Win Win”. Solutions must create value for our Customers, Terra Firma and the Environment. Terra Firma solutions believes that the partner program adds another Win for our Partners. Iaian Sherwell, the Business Intelligence Manager had this to say, “We created COPPER to make it easy to SEE energy as a cost. This has made is simple for our engineers to assess energy savings and has helped us to deliver energy savings solutions with measurable ROI to our clients.  We are proud to be making this available to Partners who share our passion for winning and are excited about the difference this can make to everyone.”

Prospective COPPER partners are welcome to contact Gary directly at: or on: 011 568 0768.

Otherwise, visit the website to find out more about COPPER and the Partner Program – it costs nothing to join, so find out what sort of income you could earn by signing up!