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Energy Management within SPAR Retail Outlets

Energy costs within Spar facilities can often account for up to 2-5% of the total operating expenses within a business. With the price of electricity increasing anywhere between 8-20% annually as of the 1st of July depending on who supply’s your store with electricity, this breakdown of energy operating costs is continually on the rise. […]

When does Energy Monitoring become Energy Management?

Up until recently, energy management literally meant capturing monthly electricity bills manually and filling them away in the accounts department where they were quickly forgotten, never to be looked at again. Things have changed however since our first energy crisis event in 2008; rolling blackouts and rapidly increasing tariffs shocked the nation into the realisation […]

Terra Firma Solutions launches COPPER Partner Program

Energy consultants and qualified electrical contractors benefit from bespoke Energy Management and Monitoring Software for their clients and earn a monthly annuity income while adding value to their client portfolio – and it costs Partners nothing! Terra Firma Solutions has developed a Partner Program to offer the broader South African energy efficiency and electrical contractor […]

The cost of electricity goes up, and up…

At the beginning of March NERSA announced that they had approved an increase of 9.4% on Eskom’s sale of electricity for the period 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017. This 9.4% is an average across all Eskom sales to its direct customers with Municipalities only paying an additional 7.857% for bulk electricity bought from […]